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About the Hawaii Safe Keiki Alliance

In April 2013, the Hawaii Department of Education (DOE), _____________________, and law enforcement personnel came together to discuss the issues about how to keep Hawaii Keiki Safe at school.  With the recent escalation in violence at schools across the country and in an effort to keep our Keiki Safe, we have come together to create the Hawaii Safe Keiki Alliance.  This Alliance is unique in that the DOE, ___________ and schools across the State of Hawaii are coming together to work as partners.  Through school security and safety personnel reporting serious safety incidents, dangerous trends and activities of concern, such as vandalism, graffiti, tagging at their schools and affecting their students, teachers, school property and community, reporting these incidents has created unique relationships, which will bring all the parties to the same table.
In __________________________, we launched this website, a secured, members-only, website database that provides a common communication platform for current reporting of dangerous and serious incidents and concerns.  School security and safety partners have an opportunity to input information from dangerous and serious incidents occurring on their school property and in their community that is used to create mapping patterns and possible investigative leads.  Law enforcement partners also have access to the website to provide school security and safety personnel with information and alerts.  These time sensitive reports allow school security, safety personnel and law enforcement to take the necessary steps and precautions to keep Hawaii Keiki Safe, reducing investigation times and determining patterns as these events occur.  It also allows for school security and safety personnel to be prepared as these events happen and unfold.  To coincide with this database, there are meetings that bring school security, safety personnel and law enforcement together to work on specific incidents and discuss current problems, issues and trends.  This is an unprecedented opportunity to bring together school security, safety personnel and law enforcement in a real working group. 
In order for this website to be successful, we need dedicated school security and safety personnel involved in the fight to Keep our Keiki Safe.  Though this effort is statewide, these incidents bleed across all jurisdictions.  In creating this website, we look to be a model for the nation in the fight to Keep our Keiki Safe.